Queen City F3


And now, a welcome letter from Primus: 

Dear FNG (Friendly New Guy),

I first heard about F3 from my older brother (Knozit) down in Columbia, SC. He told me tales of near-drowning by flutter kicks in the rain, sweaty men forming a Circle-of-Trust in the gloom of 5AM, and other aspects of the daily beatdown in which he was partaking. Chris even started attending GoRuck events, Tough Mudders, and other suffrage fests. It sounded horrible to be honest. But after three years of hearing his war stories (and kicking my ass in any type of physical exercise), he was really putting me in the ole’ “emotional headlock”. I began realizing that I, too, needed a “band of brothers,” a tribe, some mechanism to make me into a better man—especially last year as I learned that I would soon become a father—so when F3 announced it was coming to Cincinnati in May of 2017, I was eager to post.


The first “F”, Fitness, is probably the most obvious. Folks today are told constantly how important exercise is for the body, mind, and spirit—even if most don’t put this knowledge into action. There is some interesting research out there that shows “[Our] Climate Controlled Life is Killing [Us]” and getting outside, sometimes literally out of our comfort zones, may be more essential than we realize. Humans weren’t made to sit in chairs surrounded by the four walls of a room set to a homogenous 72 degrees. Men were made to run, climb, squat and otherwise use their bodies in the elements.


My very first post, after several tough exercises, the Q called out “Jacob’s Ladder”: run up a hill, do Burpees, run down the hill, go back up and repeat at higher reps. I remember being so close to vomiting (spilling Merlot) as I started my second trek up that hill (with three more to go!). Everyone finished well before I did, but the Q that day, a much older man than I, after completing his reps, jumped next to me and started doing everything with me—“picking up the six” as it’s called in F3 lingo. I was a little embarrassed, to tell the truth. I couldn’t keep up. But I was also amazed at his athleticism and drive. I was mostly grateful.

The second “F” is literally exemplified during specific events like Coffeeteria at the Pleasant Ridge Coffee Exchange after Saturday workouts. You can talk to another man about being a husband, father, or just life. It’s really worth it, and I highly suggest attending one.


The third F was probably the reason I couldn’t immediately buy in to the idea of F3. Though a spiritual guy, I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to religion.  I feared I’d feel out of place. But I heard one of the founders in a podcast describe “faith” as “a belief in something larger than yourself.” That could be a god, a community, or even your F3 brothers. And that got me fully on board.

So FNG, if you loved/hated the workout: come back. If you enjoyed hanging out with men intent on making themselves better physically, mentally, and spiritually: come back. If you know some other guy who might need this, bring him: come back.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you next time,


F3: Primus

PS: 5 Steps for a [F]riendly [N]ew [G]uy in F3 (unabashedly stolen adapted from F3 Nation):

  1. Check out the video and text onAbout F3” to get the F3 basics.
  2. Unsure what some workout or other term means? Consult the Lexicon or Exicon.
  3. Sign up forTwitter. Follow@f3nation. Follow @f3cincinnati. Follow your fellow PAX (like @f3primus). This is how a lot of communication gets done.
  4. Q a workout. After, post a backblast.
  5. Go to a 2nd F occasion like Coffeeteria Saturdays at the The Coffee Exchange. If you don’t find something that fits you or just want to do something different, talk to the local Site Q and start something new!