Month: June 2019

Backblast for 6-25-19

PAX: YNAB (Washington D.C.), Nice n’ Easy, Vamos, Miyagi (QIC):
Long run around the park stopping in the parking lot for a stretch. Next onto the bleachers for 25 dips and back to the parking lot for 30 flutter kicks. Line tracers across the parking lot ending with 50 LBCs. Sprint across the lot to the bleacher side for 40 shoulder taps and more line tracers back up the lot. Next light stretching. Loop up the hill around the police station and back to the pull-up bars for a circuit for pull-ups, rows, and squats with a plank break between the run and the circuit. Loop around the lower path for another plank break and some Bicycles counted by Vamos. Onto the flag for COT. Thoughts out to those having trouble at this time.
Tahoe is on Q Thursday. See you then.

Tuesday 6/18/19


BACKBLAST: Tuesday, 6/18/19
PAX: Nice n’ Easy, Jiffy (QIC) 
MOLESKINE:  Rain scared away a few but turned out to be light for most part
Run around park. SSH x20 IC, Abe Vigoda x 20IC Arm circles x25 IC, Imperial walkers x20 IC 
Mosey up hill around playground
4 stations at corners of building, alternating 25 to 50 squats, 10-20 merkens, 10 mountain climbers, 10-20 lunges, 3 rounds of this with mosey up hill and around playground between each round
Left time for few a set of pullups and dips
Freddy mercuries x20IC
E2K  x20IC
Nice n easy took us out with 25 budda crunches
COT: prayers for making good decisions
AAR:  little wet  but refreshed. over 3 miles of running

Backblast for 06-22-19

Pax:  Sandman, Primus, Vamos, Ragnar, Nice-N-Easy, Miyagi, Crosscheck, Carrot Top, Jiffy and Pinto (Q)

Moleskin:  Initial forecast called for heavy rain, so Pinto wasted his time Friday evening converting his workout to rain-friendly.  The effort proved unnecessary, Saturday dawned clear and bright, without a drop of rain during the workout.  10 Pax showed up for Pinto’s second Q.
Warm-Up:  A few different runs and static stretches to start the workout, a nice, easy start to the day.
11’s:  Circled up and started the first routine with a combination of Merkins and Squats for a total count of 11.  First 10 Merkins and 1 Squat, then 9 and 2, etc., progressing until we reached 1 Merkin and 10 Squats.
The Beast:  We then lined up for our second routine, the “6-6-6”, 6 exercises, 6 sets and 6 reps as we progressed across the field.  Burpees, Merkins, Squats, Plank Jacks, LBCs, and finally Side Straddle Hops.  This was a tough one!
Rubber Arms (just made this name up):  We moseyed over by the chin-up bars for our third routine,  Partnering up, one partner Planked, while the other did 10 Merkins, 10 Tricep Dips and 10 Shoulder Presses.  After each partner did 10, then we moved down by twos to 8, 6, 4 and finally 2 reps.  This was going to be a heavy arm day!
Four Corners Escalator:  Back to the field for our fourth progressive routine, which turned out to be a dosey, much harder than it looked on paper.  We sprinted around the four corners of the field, stopping at the first corner to do 10 Merkins, the second corner to do 10 Merkins and added 20 Squats, at the third corner we did 10 Merkins, 20 Squats and added 30 LBCs.  Back at the fourth corner we did the 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBCs, and added 40 Side Straddle Hops.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, we had only come to the top of the escalator, now we needed to come back down.  So, back to the first corner to repeat the 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBCs and 40 Side Straddle Hops, at the second corner we dropped the 40 Side Straddle Hops, at the third corner we dropped the 30 LBCs, and finally at the fourth corner we dropped the 20 squats and just did the 10 merkins.
The Wall:  Moseyed over to the wall for the People’s Chair and a few Dad jokes, followed by Mike Tyson’s, we debated on a second set of Mike Tyson’s, but decided to cut our losses and move on to our final routine.
Jacob’s Ladder:  We moseyed over to the small hill for this progressive finale.  A run up the hill, 1 Burpee, then back down the hill was one set.  On the second set, we did 2 Burpees, on the third set, 3 Burpees, etc. up to the seventh set and 7 Burpees.  Most of us had hit a wall by this point and were ready for the misery to end.
Mary:  Rotation of  couple favorites to bring us to the top of the hour, and this workout was complete.
COT:  A couple announcements, Vamos let us know about some upcoming hunters training in Louisville,  and Nice-N-Easy asked if the group wanted to participate again in an upcoming Police fundraiser sandbag carry.  More info on both to be posted in Slack.  Nice-N-Easy took us out.

BACKBLAST: THU 06/20/2019

PAX: Jiffy, Miyagi, Nice n' Easy (QIC)

MOLESKINE: Well, the seemingly endless bout of rain we've been having took a break in the Thursday gloom, long enough for us to get a beatdown in.  YHC was happy to see some pax roll in, because I had a couple new things to try out.



Three laps around the AO (totaling a mile).

At each of the 4 corners, we did a progressive ATM (ALTERNATING SHOULDER TAPS, TEMPO MERKINS, MERKINS).

After each lap, we did an 8-round TABATA exercise (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, repeato for 8 rounds).


LAP 2: AST X10, TEMPO MERKINS (TM) X10 IC at the corners

LAP 3: AST X10, TM X10, MERKINS X10 at the corners

COT: Prayers up for Jiffy's neighbors and coworkers, YHC took us out with a prayer.

AAR: TABATA is a form of HIIT and I've been looking forward to giving it a try.  More challenging than I expected, especially the tuck jumps.  Fortunately for the pax (and the Q) we ran short on time, so the last round of TABATA (originally planned as burpees) got rolled into Mary and we decided to do LBCs instead.  Oh, and the ATM mile was a chest burner, 'nuff said.  That is all.

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Backblast 6/13/19

Backblast 6/13/19


Ouchee mama! YHC had been out of action for nearly two weeks. Thankfully, the weather was perfect. As Nice n Easy pointed out, it's that time of year when we begin in the gloom and finish in the light with the birds chirping. Yeah, it's pretty great.


Mosey around lower loop

Imperial Walkers

Willie Mays Hayes

Under the Bridge

Copperhead Squats


American Hammers

The Thang:

Red Barchetta (100 SSH, 75 mountain climbers, 50 lbc, 25 Merkins, 10 burpees)

Sausage Works (pullups and SSH)

California Roll, Tahoe Style

10 to 1 (tricep dips and overhead press)


Box Cutters

Heel Touches

Homer Marge Mr. Burns



Convergence this Saturday. Prayers up for Toledo's Smokey. Nice n Easy took us out.


Nice n Easy

Lonzo (Toledo)

Tahoe (QIC)

Backblast for 6-11-19

Jiffy, Nice n Easy, Vamos, and Miyagi (QIC) decided to come to Amberly to work out this morning. We started with a run to the top of the park by the swings for a push up/LBC ladder. We then moved down to the pull-up bars for a pull-up, row, dip , and squat circuit. Lap around the tennis courts for some ab work (big boy sit ups and oblique crunches). Another lap around the tennis court for npr BTTW. We finished with a mosey to the flag for the COT. See you Thursday.

Backblast – 060619

PAX: Lonzo (Toledo), Nice N Easy, Miyagi, Vamos, Ragnar (QIC)

Hot, muggy, and dank. Perfect weather for a terrible workout. 
What we did:
Two Full laps around lower and upper field (2/3 mile)
20 sets of the following:
5x Frisch's Big Boy Sit Ups
10x Plankjacks
15x Freddie Mercuries
Route 66 
Incline Merkin + Decline Merkin at each light (+1 each light)
with 11 stations total, ending in 11 merkins + 11 derkins. Worse than it sounded.
Lonzo took us out with a prayer and a sprinkle of that infamous Toledo F3 Magic.
Miyagi complained about kids these days. Business as usual.

BACKBLAST: TUE 06/04/2019

PAX: Hari Kari, Peyton, Jiffy, Vamos, Nice n' Easy (QIC)
MOLESKINE: We had a couple visitors from other AO's: Hari Kari from Fort Mill, SC and Peyton from NW Indiana.  Welcome men!  We got right into it.
Ran a lap around the AO
SSH x25 IC
SSH x25 IC
LBC x25 IC
As a 10-to-1, starting with 10 reps:
TOUCH SQUATS x10 IC (hold in down position)
LEG THRUSTERS x10 IC (hold in plank position)
MERKINS x10 IC (hold in plank position)
LEG THRUSTERS x10 IC (back up)
Repeato, decreasing by 1 rep each round, down to 1.
Mosey up to Five-O parking lot.
Run to lightpost, 1x squat touch
Run to next lightpost, 2x squat touches
Etc… to 11th lightpost / 11 reps.
[Plan was to repeat Route 66 with each of the moves from the deconstructed burpees, but ran short on time]
Repeato with full burpees
Mosey back to parking lot
HARI KARI: Freddy Mercury x10 IC
PEYTON: Rosalita Wip: x10 IC
VAMOS: E2K x10 IC (each side)
Prayers up for NnE's Stephen Ministry, for Peyton's mother who's recovering from knee surgery, for safe travels for our guests and for our PAX who may be ailing and/or MIA.
AAR: Another one that proved tougher than it looked on paper. I really liked the concept of deconstructing and then reconstructing burpees, and wished we'd had more time to complete each of the parts as a Route 66… it would have been wonderfully brutal. Will try this one again, maybe shortening WARMARAMA to either a lap or warmup exercises (but not both), or skipping MARY or doing on a Saturday when we have the full hour.