Month: October 2018

F3 Anderson Backblast 10.27.18

Cool damp morning at Woodland Mounds but excited to see our ranks grow with the addition of T-Rex from Dry Ridge. Pax was T-Rex, Worf, & Cisco (Q)

Toy Solders length of parking lot and back
Jog to Ohio River overlook for…
The Thang:
 Sets went 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 (total of 80)
Rotated between 2 exercises
Round One: Flutter Kicks & Merkins
Round Two: Squats & LBC's
Nur (run backwards) up from overlook and jogged into the woods to the pullup bars
3 rounds with sets of 5-10-10, while first Pax did pullups the rest held a plank
Jogged to the bottom of the hill
10 Merkins
Bear Crawl (about 15 yards up hill)
Split Squats 8 each leg
Crab Walk down
3 rounds
Bernie Sanders up hill until we hit the flat part of trail, then jog to the parallel bars. First guy did 20 dips while others did Emperial Walkers, completed 2 rounds
Alternating between Bernie Sanders & jogging the rest of the way uphill out of the woods to the picnic area.
Squats 40
Important note that last week Worf said the workout was too easy, he didn't do that today. It was challenging.
Headed to Luckmans for coffee and drying off 

Backblast for 10-25-18

Hindenburg BLIMPS:
No warmorama or COP this morning for Nice n’ Easy or Miyagi (QIC). We started the BLIMPS on the lower loop and at each corner we completed 10 burpees (40 total), 20 lunges (1 count for 2 legs) (80 total), 30 imperial walkers (1 count for 2 legs) (120 total), 40 merkins (160 total). Because of time, we skipped the plank jacks and went to 50 squats (200 total). We ended with 30 big boy sit ups. So I guess we did BLIMS and not BLIMPS. See you Saturday.

Backblast 10.22.18

Moleskine: Tahoe Tuesday 2—BROGA Returns

Pax: Tahoe, Nice N Easy, Miyagi, Pledge (Greenville, SC), Ragnar (QIC)

Wasn’t too cold after all the smack talk, but figured we could still make it miserable. 


Lap (with high knees)

Sausage Works (plankjacks/LBCs)


Imperial Walkers | Vanilla Ice | Moroccan Night Club | WIllie Mays Hayes

The thang: 

Broga. Mountain pose to chataranga/vinyasa style

With ranger merkins thrown in

Lots of groaning during this one, which made QIC pretty proud. One of the cops gave us a whistle during the Bridge (Pinterest/Cowgirl) pose, which was a little unsettling. Pledge (from Greenville, I believe—sorry, Pledge) joined us on a work trip, encouraged others to post at guest AOs, and took us out with prayers.

F3 Anderson Backblast 10.20.18

Misty morning at Woodland Mounds but the temperature was perfect. Today was an intimate group with just Cisco (Q) and Worf. We planted the F3 flag that Nice&Easy presented to us last week, got us quite a bit of attention and it was the good kind.

Warm up
Toy Soldiers the length of the parking lot and back
Walking Lunges parking lot/back
SSH 25 ic
An then….
The Thang
Picnic shelter at the Ohio River overlook
Merkins 25/Squat 50/Decline Merkin 15/Squat 50/Incline Merkin 10/Squat 50; 2 rounds for total of 100 Merkins/ 300 Squats
Jogged 1/4 mile
BTTW 45 hold/Peoples Chair 45 hold 3 rounds
Moved to benches:
Step Ups 20/Dips 20 5 rounds
Incline Push ups 10/High Knees 20 5 rounds
Interval run 1/4 mile changing pace fast/slow/fast/slow back to parking lot for Mary 
Worf complained that the workout was too easy and he wants a different Q. He's probably right but I've already planned next week, not easy.
We headed for Coffee at Luckmans and local spot, we both agreed that Starbucks sucks and this is our new F3 Anderson hangout.



PAX: Ragnar, Nice n' Easy (QIC)
At a chilly 36 degrees this morning, I suspected numbers would be low.  When the clock struck 5:16, I started my car and began to pull out of the lot to head home when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a pair of headlights turning into Amberley Five-O.  Good ol Ragnar, keeping the faith. 
Lap around lower track,
End up in PoPo parking lot.
Pax take turns drawing a card from the F3 Workout Deck, 4 cards per round
Suits represent exercise type:
Hearts – Cardio
Diamonds – Upper Body
Clubs – Core
Spades – Legs
Numbers + 10 = #reps
Courts = 25 reps
Aces = 100 reps
Jack of Diamonds – 25X DIPS
King of Hearts – 25X MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS
Ace of Hearts – 100X SSH
5 of Hearts – 15X KARAOKE (15 parking lot lengths)
4 of Clubs – 14X HEELS TO HEAVEN
Ace of Spades – 100X CALF RAISES
10 of Clubs – 20X ROSALITA
10 of Spades – LUNGE WALK 100M
ROUND 3 (almost outta time)
4 of Hearts – SPRINT 400M
King of Clubs – 25X AMERICAN HAMMERS
No announcements, brief COT.  We didn't end with an official prayer as such, but we talked a lot during the workout and I think it is safe to say that Ragnar and I both wish for light and peace in these troubled times.

Backblast 101618

Moleskine: Tahoe Tuesday

Pax: Tahoe, Nice N Easy, Miyagi, Ragnar (QIC)
Getting up to four in the morning is a lot more fun. Getting up AT four, now that's less fun. But still beats being dead. Still, QIC earned a few salty remarks for calling the senior members "Old F3 Farts."
What we did:
80' incline mosey (entire field)
Warmarama: Sun gods, Vanilla Ice, Overhead Claps
Broga: Mountain, lunges, with li'l bit o' Ranger Merkins, Peter Parkers
Route 66: Mosey around Popo station with burpees +1 at each light
Sausage Works: 10 pushups while holding side plank
Tricep Drip/Starfish Plank (+5 count, 3 rounds)
Tahoe took us out with prayers for QIC and Miyagi's family.
Y'all are the best. Peace and love; SYITG.

F3 Anderson (Cincinnati) Backblast 10-13-18

Chilly morning at Woodland Mounds in Anderson but we quickly warmed up and layers were removed.

Pax: Nice&Easy joined from F3 Cincinnati, Warf (he came back for more so the FNG label has been removed), Cisco-Q
Thanks to Nice&Easy correcting my tactical planning error. In the dark you can't see cones placed on a field. Fortunately, N&E provided glow sticks that resembled mini light sabers and were placed inside the cones. It's looked pretty cool!
Warm Up
SSH 25 ic
Windmills 25 ic
short run to the opposite side of the field to begin the Thang
The Thang:
3 cones placed on field, distance between 1&2 approx 30 yards, #3 10 yards from 2.
Cone 1 exercise, run to cone 2, bearcrawl to cone 3, at cone 3 do in reverse (exercise, bearcrawl, run) a total of 8 rounds.
Exercises in order:
Merkins 25
LBC 50
Monkey Humpers 30
Merkins 20
Overhead Clap 50
Merkins 10
Squat 50
Merkins 20 
For those participating in the October Merkin challenge, that's 150 today.
Mosey'd into the woods for combo plank, pullups
First guy does 5 pullups while rest hold plank, rotate through 2x until everyone does 10 pullups. We did negative pullups but they were effective.
Mosey'd the rest of the way down the hill, lunge walked around the bottom loop. Back up the hill with Bernie Sanders on the first climb, jogging to the steps, frog jump down each step, high knees up the next climb, jog to the top. Stopped for a few quick demo's of some of the equipment in the woods. 
Proceeded to the Ohio River overlook for Mary:
American Hammer 15 ic
Budda Lifts 12 ic (personal note, I hate these but only because they so hard to do)
Back to the flag for COT
Notes, several women have reached out about having a Cincy FIA. The feedback is they are interested but want help running a workout. 
A few other guys have expressed interest in F3 Anderson so we are getting noticed. Woodland Mounds was literally built for F3 workouts, would love to see others join us.
Nice&Easy took us out with a thoughtful prayer. Then we headed to coffee to re-full and enjoy some F2.
I also want to thank Nice&Easy, he gave F3 Anderson a shovel flag today. Now we can have the appropriate F3 marker. Thanks man, really appreciate it.

Backblast 10-11-18

Ladder day.
It was a cool morning when 4 pax, Nice n Easy, Tahoe, Ragnar, and Miyagi (QIC), came for a most tremendous workout. We started with a run to the top of the park for a merkin/step up ladder. Then we moved the chin-up bars for an American hammer/pull-up ladder. Onto the wall for a box jump/dip ladder. To break the trend, we went to the second wall for npr people’s chair and npr BTTW. We had some time left, so we finished with animal crawls and merkins. If you’re tracking merkins this month, we did 105.

Backblast Tues. 10/8/18

Backblast Tues. 10/9/18


4 PAX showed up for a Charles Bronson 2 miler. Excellent company. One of our last warm-weather beatdowns before the chill of Fall settles in. Lots of running today and YHC, having been MIA for a while, was thankful for Nice n Easy’s patient pacing so as not to drop my fat, out of shape ass.


SSH x25 IC


Charles Bronson 2 Miler. It went like this…..

Sumo Merkins and Punisher sit ups x15 each, 2 sets

Lap around lower loop

LBCs x50


Monkey Humpers x50


Overhead Claps x50


Squats x50


Heel Touches x50 and Incline Merkins x25


Sumo Merkins and Punisher sit ups x15 each, 2 sets

15 extra Merkins to get to 100 total. (Good idea, Ragnar!)


E2K x 15 IC each

American Hammer x20 IC

Table hold for 10 count each x2


Announcements about the possible Anderson AO getting underway. Nice n Easy has some ruck events coming up. Ragnar took us out.




Nice n Easy

Tahoe (QIC)


PAX: Nice n' Easy (QIC)
MOLESKINE: Meditative Murph.  No mumblechatter, except for that in my head.  Tried to quiet that too.  Showed up, stayed present, did the work.
The Murph is a 2 mile run and 100 pullups, 200 Merkins and 300 Squats.  
Here is the breakdown.  Note that 1 lap = 1/3 of a mile.
Alternating laps and circuits
6 laps (L)
5 circuits (C)
L1  C1  L2  C2  L3  C3  L4  C4  L5  C5  L6
One circuit being:
5 Pullups
10 Merkins
15 Squats
(Repeat the sequence for a total of 4X.  So that's 20 pullups, 40 Merkins and 60 Squats per circuit.
Grateful for the health of myself, my family, my community and my F3 brothers.  Thank God.