Month: September 2018

Backblast 9/30/10

Perfect morning for a workout…PAX  Ragnar, Primus, Tahoe, Nice&Easy, Myagi, Orville, Boomer, Crosscheck, Robin, Cisco (Q)

Warm Up: Windmills, Merkins, Monkey Humpers

Station 1 – on a hillside
25 SSH
Bearcrawl up the hill
50 Squats
Crabwalk down hill
Rinse & Repeat for 3 sets

Station 2 – bigger hill (I like hills)
25 Merkins
Jog backwards up the hill 
50 LBC
Monkey Crawl down
Rinse & Repeat for 3 sets

Station 3 – To the Wall
Balls to the Wall –  30 second hold
Peoples Chair –  30 seconds
Rotate back & forth for 3 sets

Station 4 – Pullaroma Negative
First guy – 5 negative pullups
PAX holds a plank
Rotate through until everyone does the pullups

Station 5 – Bearmuda Triangle
3 cones in a triangle 30 yards apart
Cone 1 do 1 burpee, bearcrawl to cone 2
Cone 2 do 2 burpee's, bearcrawl to cone 3
Cone 3 do 3 burpee's, bearcrawl to cone 1
Repeat 3 cycles adding a burpee at each cone
Modified by doing lunge walk between the cones after the first cycle. 

Station 6 – Dips + Suicide
25 dips then to the parking lot for suicide sprints

Station 7 – Mary
American Hammer, Dolly, Freddie Mercury, Table Top


Prayer requests for Robin's students & Tahoe's brother. Nice & Easy expressed concern over current political & social climate expressing the need to find what binds rather than divides.

BACKBLAST: THU 09/27/2018

PAX: Ragnar, Nice n' Easy (QIC)
Bromance: the Sequel.  Starring the lovely and talented Ragnar and YHC on Q.  YHC had wishful thinking and loaded up the Scion with shit-ton of blocks on this chilly (finally) fall morning.  Should have known better, given attendance lately.  Turned out I only needed 2.  I brought both "lite" and standard CMU's, Ragnar didn't hesitate when given the choice.  We went heavy. Game on.
MANMAKERS: Like a burpee, but on the block and instead of jumping up, you lift the block to your chest, perform a squat and then a thruster upward.
SKULL CRUSHERS: Lying on back, hold block with arms extended.  Bend at the elbows, keeping elbows together, lowering block dangerously over and close to your skull.  TIP: DO NOT CRUSH YOUR SKULL.
1 LAP (carrying block)
25X LBC (li'l block crunches) IC
1 LAP (carrying block)
25X FLUTTERKICKS (block overhead) IC
25X DECLINE WIDE MERKINS (feet on block) IC
1 LAP (carrying block)
30X UNEVEN MERKINS (on block – 15 per side) IC
20X GOBLET SQUATS (shoulder width) IC
20X GOBLET SQUATS (super wide) IC
Brief but meaningful COT.

Backblast 092518

PAX: Nice N Easy, Ragnar (QIC).

Moleskine: Ah, the feeling of showing up in a parking lot in pitch dark to see the comforting site of headlights, the groggy “Morning” that fills the silent air. Deer dropping their stuff all over. Fall is in the air, my friends.

What we did:
Ran a lap.

I jest about the “Man Date” but these one-to one-workouts sometimes end up being the best. Kudos to Nice N Easy for his wisdom and leadership in this group. F3 Cincinnati wouldn’t be the same without you.


Back Blast 9-22-2018
“Hill Troll Recipe” Q
Nice n Easy
Pops (guest from Cleveland)
Primus (QIC)
Mosey to upper field and circle up…
Side Straddle Hops x20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Squats x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20
LBCs x 20
*I knew today would be a grinder and take longer, so I only included light warm-up
Mosey to Lower Field for…
(Partner A runs to X while Partner B completes exercises, switch when A returns—reps are shared)
Burpees x 100
Over Head Claps x 150
Merkins x 200
Big Boy Sit-up x 250
Squats x 300
(Made this Hill Troll Recipe by using hill on lower field)
*This turned out to be a much more difficult grind than I was prepare for… Could have been the medium (maybe even short) distance to run back-and-forth… or the 100 burpees to start things off… either way, everyone was quiet and working hard, and it took us up to 7:40 in the workout!
Mosey to Huggy Hill for…
(like DORA but on a hill… and sweatier) Partner A runs to X while Partner B completes exercises, switch when A returns—reps are shared)
Merkins x 50
LBCs x 100
Squats x 150
*Had to adjust the reps down for time.
Mosey to Merlot Hill for…
(9 reps Dying Cockroach at bottom of hill then 1 rep Burpee at top. 8 reps at bottom of hill and 2 Newton’s Cradle at top. Keep going until 9 to 10 ratio switches.
*During this Ragnar and Orville starting throwing grass at one another and other folks (was this delirium or was the workout too easy? I thought at the moment it was good to hear them laugh) but Myagi leveled up the antics by pushing both over while balancing for Newton’s Cradles! This made me, in my near-end-of-beat-down exhaustion belly laugh out loud!
*… Oh… and also while doing Newton’s Cradles I was stung by something on my finger. Felt like a bee, looked like a bee sting, but why was it on the ground? I never did find what did it. Is there another Hornet Hill in our future?
*I had some other stuff planned but ran out of time!
We all welcomed Pops and had him tell his F3 “origin story”. Nice n Easy tried to coerce more unwitting PAX into a GORUCK coming Nov 30. Boomer led us out with prayer.
All attended and enjoyed. There was some strange talk of forming a Hash-browns and Hugs “folk metal” band. I missed Tahoe explaining the current news to me (and calming me down)
As usual, the experience was one of the best parts of my week!
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Backblast 091818

Pax: Nice N Easy, Crosscheck, Ragnar (QIC)
What we did:
Warmup lap
Sausage Works
Broga, a buncha improv stretchy stuff: 
Mountain pose, sun salutations, cat/cow, merkins, child pose, plank, mountain climbers, John travoltas, lunges, marge Simpsons, the Pinterest, E2ks.
QIC may have ruined Crosscheck's hips and NNE's back. Next Tuesday will be slower, more time to stretch/recover with attention paid to counter-balance poses.
NNE took us out with calls to know the things we can change, the things we can't, and the wisdom to tell the difference. Classic.

Backblast for 9-13-18

It was a cool morning and I was not feeling it today. When I pulled up in the parking lot, there four pax (Flounder, Nice n Easy, Crosscheck, and Ragnar) were waiting to start. We started with a run around the perimeter of the park including both hills. We ended up back in the parking lot for the warmorama that consisted of the following:
Abe Vigodas (20x ic) Willie Mays Hays (20x ic) Sungods forward (20x ic) Overhead Press (20x ic) Sungods backwards (20x ic)
Next we moved to the pull-up bars for the thing:
An impromptu karate lesson, requested by Ragnar, that consisted of basic stances, blocks, and punches. Next was a 9 to 1 pull-up American hammer combination. After we finished, we moved to the wall for a 9 to 1 box jump dip combination. We then did a People’s chair for a 50 count. We finished at the wall with a NPR BTTW.
We had a little time left, so we did some Mary:
Table for a 100 count Newton’s cradles (20x ic) E2K (20x left and 20x right ic)
We ended with Flounder giving his back story and Crosscheck took out with a prayer.
See you Saturday.

Backblast: 091118

PAX: Watson, Primus, Miyagi, Nice N Easy, Flounder (Kalimazoo), and Ragnar (QIC)

Warmup lap
Sausage Works

Tricep Dips

The Thing: 
BROGA. That's it.
Sept 11 is often a day of political remembrance for Americans.
However, it's also my parent's wedding anniversary.

Flounder took us out with prayers. 

Backblast 9/8/18

Backblast 9/8/18


Thunder, lightning, and a downpour were sounding the alarm around 5:00am and I thought, “this may be a cancellation.” Cisco chimed in on Slack asking about beatdowns in monsoon conditions. But, the F3 spirits were with us. By the time YHC rolled into the AO, the storm had passed and the 6 of us (including Kitty from Toledo) were blessed with cool temps, damp grass, and no rain. Sound the alarm, baby.


Lap around the lower loop

Monkey walk across the field

Toy Soldiers up the parking lot

Lunge walks back

SSH x20 IC

Windmills x20 IC

Catalina Wine Mixers x20 IC


ALARM 1 (Arms, Legs, Abs, Run, Merkins) 3 sets OYO

Tricep dips x20

Squats x40

LBCs x50

Sprint up the parking lot and back

Merkins x25

Mosey to the wall for California Roll

Partner 1 holds a BTTW while Partner 2 runs around the tennis courts. Flapjack

Repeat with Peoples Chair


ALARM 2 (2 sets OYO)

Overhead Claps x25

Monkey Humpers x50

E2K x25 each side

Rocky Balboas x100

Werkins on a parking block x25

MARY Dealer’s Choice:

Heel Touches x20 IC

Plank Jacks x20 IC

Freddie Mercury x25 IC

Peter Parker x15 IC

Parker Peter x15 IC


Up to the PoPo flag. Ragnar lagged behind, attempting to EH a dude. Kitty took us out with prayer. Primus, Cisco, and YHC dragged our sorry asses out to DD for coffee.



Kitty (from Toledo)




Tahoe (QIC)


Today’s beatdown timed out perfectly. The secret was in the 3 main routines—the 2 ALARMs and the California Roll. While ALARMs allow for lots of exercise combinations, their real strength is the variables that allow the Q to control intensity and timing. First, the run portion can be any number of exercises that can vary by intensity, duration, and distance. Secondly, the Q can call out any number of sets in order to control timing. Similarly, the California Roll works for any number of sets in order to manage time.



backblast for 9/6

Backblast: Thurs 9/6/2018 
Moleskine: It was a cloudy, slightly muggy morning when 5 PAX including a visitor from Louisville (Nice-n-Easy, Ragnar, Miyagi, Fergie, Watson QIC) assembled at the Amberley 5-0 .

SSH – IC (25)
Copperhead Lunges – IC (20)
Merkins – IC (20)
Copperhead Squats – IC (20)
Annies – IC (20)

The Thang 
A circuit of 3 times around:
Merkins (25)
Squats (25)
Plank Jacks (50)
Inch Worms (10)
Loop around the lower field

Mosey to Wall

Set of 3
Wall jumps (10)
Dips (10)

Sweat Angels – IC (15)
Planks (60 count)
Side plank – L/R (60 count each)
E2K (L) – IC (15)
E2K (R) – IC (15)

COT at the flag:
Announcements: Convergence and GoRuck light (9/8)
Prayers for Weedwacker's son Vince (past Louisville visitor) and others 
Finished with a sweaty hug where Ragnar took us out with a prayer


Backblast for 9-4-18

It was a muggy morning at Amberley for the three PAX that attended the workout this morning. Miyagi (QIC), Watson, and Nice n’ Easy did the following:
Warmorama: SSH (25x ic) Sungods forward (25x ic) Over head press (25x ic) Sungods reverse(25x ic) Abe Vigodas (25x ic) Willie Mays Hays (25x ic)
The Thing: Lazy Red Barchetta Jog halfway around the track complete 100 SSH. Mosey back for 100 SSH Jog a quarter of the track complete 50 plank jacks. Mosey back an do 50 more. Jog 1/8 of the track 25 squats. Mosey back for 25 more. Jog to end of the parking lot for 10 burpees or 20 American hammers. Mosey back for 10 burpees or 20 American hammers.
Pull up/flutter kick ladder. 10 pull-ups 1 flutter kick set. Decrease pull-ups and increase flutter kick sets until 1 pull-up and 10 flutter kick sets.
People’s chair NPR.
Mary: Annies (20x ic) 60 count table.
We had a little time left over so we did a 45 count BTTW.
Completed the COT and finished with a prayer from Watson.
Watson’s on Q Thursday, see you then.