Month: April 2018

Backblast for 4-28

Axl, Robin, and Miyagi arrived at Amberley park on Saturday morning and here is what we did:
Quick jog around the AO including both hills by the police station. Next was a dealer’s choice warmorama that included light stretching. The main event was trail running through French park with the group occasionally stopping and different member of the group calling an exercise such as tricep dips, push ups, lbcs, and BTTW. We ended back at the Amberley parking lot where Axl led us in some yoga and stretching. Robin took us out with a prayer. It was a good day for a workout.


PAX: Crosscheck, Nice n' Easy (QIC)
It was a particularly gloomy (and rainy) Tuesday at Amberley 5-0, but at least the temps were mild and the deer left us alone.  YHC had already been mulling over attempting this workout, so with all the rain and an opportunity to stay on concrete instead of muddy grass, and not wanting to lay down on said wet concrete, it seemed like a good time to tackle it.  the MURPH.  Not a mini-Murph, not a modified Murph.  An honest-to-goodness full-on MURPH.  Turned out to be a great choice both for timing and for a low number of PAX, as things could get bottlenecky around the pulllup bars with more than a few men.
The Murph is a 2 mile run and 100 pullups, 200 Merkins and 300 Squats.  Here is how we broke it down.  Note that 1 lap = 1/3 of a mile.
Alternating laps and circuits
6 laps (L)
5 circuits (C)
L1 C1 L2 C2 L3 C3 L4 C4 L5 C5 L6
One circuit being:
5 Pullups
10 Merkins
15 Squats
(Repeat 3 more times for a total of 4X.  So that's 20 pullups, 40 Merkins and 60 Squats per circuit.)
Timed out almost perfectly, with 5 minutes at the end for stretching.
COT was short, YHC expressing primal fear of the upcoming GrowRuck event and Crosscheck reassuring me that I'll be a'ight.  We didn't do a prayer but on my way home I was thinking we should have.  Prayers up for Toronto and for peace in our day.
Nice n' Easy… OUT




PAX: Axl, Huggy, Miyagi (co-Q), Nice n' Easy (co-Q)
Four pax crawled from the comfort of the #fartsack this morning to post at Amberley Five-O.  During some of the running (of which there was more than usual), Miyagi and YHC were talking about what it takes to become a runner.  I said I'd tried many times but could never get past that feeling that as soon as I start, all I can think is, "when will this be over?"  YHC and Miyagi both admitted that we felt that way about the beatdown today, but we pushed on through the misery and finished strong.  It helped having the younger, faster Eastgate Boys to chase.
One lap around the AO, then move to parking lot for COP:
Starfish Merkins x16 IC
Freddy Mercury x20 IC
SSH x20 IC
Diamond Merkins x16 IC
LBC's x20 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Copperhead Jump Squats x20 IC
Move back to AO track…
6 laps around the AO (total ~2 miles).  On each lap, do the following at each of the 4 corners:
1) B – Burpees x5
2) L – Lunges x10 (both legs)
3) I – Imperial walkers x15 (both legs)
4) M – Merkins x20
5) P – Plank jacks x25
6) S – Squats x30
We almost Omaha'd the squats due to time but decided instead to run a few minutes over and finish strong.
Abbreviated COT due to the clock, just talked about Huggy's upcoming  Graduation Q" on Saturday and we were glad to hear he will be back in town from time to time.  Huggy took us out with a prayer.

BACKBLAST: Tues 4/17/2018

PAX: Axl, Huggy, FNG (Quakerjack), Miyagi (co-Q), Nice n' Easy (co-Q)
Old Man Winter is proving to be one tenacious Mofo and made an unwelcome return appearance at Amberley Five-O this morning after a teasing weekend of milder temps.  At least it was dry.  Undaunted, five High Impact Men made an appearance to flip OMW the proverbial bird.  Welcome to FNG Quakerjack, hope to see you back for more.  Here is what we did.
Miyagi got us started with a dynamic warmup:
A brisk run around the perimeter of the AO, including both hills and ended back in the parking lot for warmorama and that included: 
SSH (20x IC)
Abe Vigodas (20x IC)
Willie Mays Hays (20x IC)
Light stretching (not IC)
Next we moved back to the upper lot for…
Dora's mean little sister and she a lil' cray-cray.  Typical Dora structure: partner up and P1 runs while P2 performs the exercises.  Upon P1 return, flapjack and trade off the count until making the count goals.  Only instead of just running as in the typical Dora, the run is suicides:
Run to 1st lightpost, perform 1 burpee, run back to start.
Run to 2nd lightpost, perform 2 burpees, run back to start.
Run to 3rd lightpost, perform 3 burpees, run back to start.
100x Lunges
200x Merkins
300x LBCs
400x Overhead presses (called Omaha due to time)
Mosey down to the wall for Eastgate Special!
People's chair with overhead claps x10 IC
Pegleg chair (Right leg) with overhead claps x10 IC
Pegleg chair (Left leg) with overhead claps x10 IC
People's chair with overhead claps x10 IC
Balls To The Wall (BTTW)
Approximate 2 min (Huggy time)
Mosey back down to parking lot for Mary:
Tabletops x20 count (each pax)
LBC's x100 OYO
FNG was named Quakerjack, welcomed back Axl and Huggy, prayers up for pax on the DL and for our group to re-energize and keep it going, stay strong.  Announced Huggy's last Q this Saturday (we will miss you Uncle Huggy).  Axl took us out with a prayer.  Aye!

Backblast for 4-14

It was a relatively nice day for the 5 pax (Miyagi, Robin, Tahoe, Millie, Nice n’ Easy) that showed up at Amberley for the workout. Miyagi led the first half of the workout and we started with a lab around the track jogging forward, backward, and sideways. After doing some butt kickers, we stopped at…


PAX: Miyagi, Tahoe, Nice n’ Easy (QIC) MOLESKINE: There was snow on the ground at Amberley Five-O this morning, and a small but mighty band of 3 managed to fight the fartsack. Many of our brothers seem to have lost that battle. With our numbers low, YHC decided to bring back some fave routines for…

Backblast for 4-10

QIC: Miyagi It was a cool morning for those that came to workout. The Pax was Miyagi, Nice n Easy, and about 8-10 deer. The deer didn’t workout; they just watched. We skipped the COP and did the following: 10 pull-ups and 1 squat repeat until completing 1 pull-up and 10 squats. Next onto the…