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Backblast 10/24/19

Backblast 10/24/19


3 studs showed up for some Broga, but the Q was locked down in some Zen-like state of meditation. So we Q tagged it, baby.


3 stations with runs in between. 1. Merkins and Jump squats. 2. Tricep dips and lunges. 3. Mountain climbers and WW2 situps.

Sea Bass:

Pullups, spiders, squats. Rotate through 3 times.


BTTW and People's Chair



Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Superman Bananas


Prayers up for our campers this weekend that they stay safe and dry.



Sea Bass


Backblast 101719

Pax: Nice N Easy, Vamos, Sugar Ray, Bumper (F3 Columbus), Ragnar (QIC)


Block-tober continued on a sweet chilly morning. Bumper joined the group from F3 Columbus, and pointed out a few constellations (Pegasus) during the clear skied weather. Perfect working out weather and while Ragnar sneaked in some yoga moves, this was pure block pain.

What we did: 

Lap with Block


Side Block Plank dips

Mountain/Forward Fold 

Peter Blockin’ Parker/Parker Blockin’ Peters

Blocky Balboas

Big Boy Situps

Grand Blockin’ Slams (Overhead Block Carries around the Diamond)

Blocks-age Works (10 Pullups while pax do Block Crunches)

People’s Block Chairs (Pax holds 10 or calls out exercises. NNE proved himself to be Block Master 2019 by calling out Block Curls)

21s on Merlot Hill

(20 Block Curls at bottom, 1 Goblin Squat at top. Flip to 1-20)

Bumper offered up prayers for wisdom, courage, and fearlessness for us to be leaders, to face down the lions in our lives with the faith that their mouths will be shut. Let’s keep up Block-tober momentum.

Backblast 101219

Pax: Pinto, Jiffy, BG, Orville, Sugar Ray, Skinner, Nice N Easy, Boomer, Miyagi, Tahoe, Crosscheck, Primus, Ragnar (QIC)

Moleskine: 41 degrees and the QIC made a HC to a full-on Broga session. Since it was practically freezing, Primus showed up early to run laps (and trip a couple times) with Tahoe, Crosscheck, Miyagi, NNE, and Ragnar. Short mosey up to the cop station to make a bunch of jokes and find that sweet spot between relaxation and pushing the limit.

Here’s what we did:

Seated stretch/Table/Block/Thread the Needle/Plank/Merkins/GATE (with a T)/Twist/High Lunge/Runners Lunge/Warrior 1/Lunge Twist/Mountain/Palm Tree/Easy Tree/King Dancer/Wide Stance, Side Angel Stretch/Traingle Post/Down Dog/Child’s Pose/Sphynx/Cobra/Locust/King Pigeon/Full Pigeon/Staff/Head2Knee/Boat/Buddha Crunch/Twists/Bridge/Corpse/Shoulder Stand/Banana/Superman/Goddess/Corpse

We made killer time, so QIC opened it to the group. Orville aka Mr Hard2Please led the group in 30 burpees in 1 minute. The equivalent of a T-Payne rap after an Enya ballad. A few others in between. BG took us out with Merkins. 

Popcorn Prayers all around, for those in tough times. 

QIC wishes to extend extra thanks for the group. This was a personal accomplishment, leading a big group through a full brogan session for the first time. It was a little uneven—hard for some and easy for others—but a decent first attempt with a big group. Next time, will modify as needed. 

Backblast 10/3/19

Backblast 10/3/19


Twosome on Tuesday and a twosome today. Common denominator = Nice n Easy! YHC had a feeling that today might be a Miyagi’s Dream. It’s my 6th sense. Nice n Easy did admit that he was seriously considering the fartsack this morning, but he soldiered on and joined me for a “last day in the 90s” beatdown. Generally speaking, it was a good beatdown which allowed space for conversation. 


Long run around the entire AO

Some stretching in the parking lot


Burpee Sandwich! This is a Huggy favorite. For the uninformed, uninitiated, or the early onset dementia crowd, the Burpee Sandwich goes like this….

X number of reps on one end of the field (for those who need metaphors explained, this would be one slice of bread). Run across the field, stopping at the midway point to do 5 burpees (the pastrami, if you will, in our sandwich). Run to far end of field and do X number of reps (you get the idea). I did declining reps of Merkins on one end and 10 LBCs at the other. At some point I ditched the Burpees in favor of 4x4s. Don’t know how many total cycles we did, but it was plenty.


Tabletops x15 IC

Heel Touches x30 IC

Shoulder Taps x20 IC


Nice n Easy

Tahoe (QIC)

Backblast for 1019

2 Pax, Miyagi and Nice n’ Easy, met in the in the parking lot this morning and started with a long run. We stopped in the parking lot for a stretch and then ran another lap. After 50 LBCs and more stretching, we moved onto the pull up bars.
Pull up bar circuit: 5 pull ups tall bar 5 pull ups medium bar 10 rows on the small bar 25 slow squats 25 Buddha crunches
Repeat the circuit decreasing squats and crunches by 5 each round (20,25,10,5)
After the circuit, jog around the tennis courts to the south end of the parking lot for 50 more LBCs.
We ended with the COT.
See you Thursday.

Backblast – 092819

PAX: Miyagi, Simmons (Dayton), Tahoe, Crosscheck, Vamos, Milli Vanilli, Primus, Ragnar (QIC)

Moleskine: Been a bit since Ragnar's last Q. Kept things repetitive and difficult to exert a physical and mental exercise. 
Lunge Walk to Merlot Hill 
Karaoke to the tree 
High Knees (alt. Chief Hoppers) to the cop station
Bear Crawl up Huggy Hill
At the top:
Orphan Annies / Shoulder Taps
John Travoltas / Plank Jacks
Nolan Ryans 
Mosey to wall / crab walk to green fountain
Wall Worm
Inchworm to Merlot Hill
On yer 6:
Tabletops / 100s
Dying Cockroaches / Buddha Crunch (Looking at you, NNE)
Three big sets in count of 10/15/20. After doing more Fitness Boxing, I've been thinking about upping the hard cardio game, which can be as much of a mental workout as a physical one. By the third round, all the cadence had dropped off (props to Tahoe for calling it out), which is good by my book. Finished off with Door A, B, or C. Crosscheck chose C, so we did a Bear Crawl Battle up Merlot Hill. That was a blast. Someday, my entire Q will be competitive gaming battles. 
Popcorn prayers around the flag for our families, Jiffy's expanding family, world/regional leaders to make better decisions, safe travels, and the whole shebang. Props to Simmons for joining today. 

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Backblast for 919

Long run and Dora 1,2,3
We started with a long on the upper and lower loops and then moved to the north park of the lower parking lot for 10 merkins. Then onto the bricks for 20 LBCs and finally move to the pull up bars for 30 squats. Do this circuit around the tennis court 10 times and you have an individual Dora 1,2,3.
We finished at the flag for announcements and Vamos took us out with s prayer.
Pax: Vamos, Jiffy, Nice n’ Easy, and Miyagi (QIC)


Backblast 9/3/19 (Tahoe Tuesday)


September is upon us. Vamos mentioned the slight, Fall-like chill in the air. Gotta say, it was nice. YHC has been a bit sore from Vamos’ beatdown on Saturday; thus, I didn’t have anything special planned out, but still felt that Tahoe Tuesday needs to mean something. So we did the following which included some killer Super Sets. Try it at home! It’s fun!


SSH x30 IC

LBC x30 IC

Copperhead Squats x20 IC

Del Brown (Crab walk and Merkins)


Mosey around the lower loop to the sit up bench for Super Sets

  1. Step ups x15 each while partner does LBCs. Flapjack and rinse and repeat.

  2. Tricep dips x30 while partner does Squats. Flapjack and rinse and repeat.

  3. Derkins x15 while partners does Imperial Walkers. Flapjack and rinse and repeat.

Mosey to parking lot 

4x4s x10 OYO (this is a Burpee with 4 Merkins and 4 Mountain Climbers in the down position. These suck.)

Bernie Sanders across parking lot

Mosey around the lower loop to the sit up bench for another round of Super Sets.


Heel Touches x30 IC

E2K x15 IC each 

Box Cutters x20 IC




Prayers up for East coast folks dealing with Hurricane Dorian and victims of the dive boat burning in CA. Nice n Easy took us out.


Nice n Easy



Tahoe (QIC)