Pax: Nice N Easy, Vamos, Sugar Ray, Bumper (F3 Columbus), Ragnar (QIC)


Block-tober continued on a sweet chilly morning. Bumper joined the group from F3 Columbus, and pointed out a few constellations (Pegasus) during the clear skied weather. Perfect working out weather and while Ragnar sneaked in some yoga moves, this was pure block pain.

What we did: 

Lap with Block


Side Block Plank dips

Mountain/Forward Fold 

Peter Blockin’ Parker/Parker Blockin’ Peters

Blocky Balboas

Big Boy Situps

Grand Blockin’ Slams (Overhead Block Carries around the Diamond)

Blocks-age Works (10 Pullups while pax do Block Crunches)

People’s Block Chairs (Pax holds 10 or calls out exercises. NNE proved himself to be Block Master 2019 by calling out Block Curls)

21s on Merlot Hill

(20 Block Curls at bottom, 1 Goblin Squat at top. Flip to 1-20)

Bumper offered up prayers for wisdom, courage, and fearlessness for us to be leaders, to face down the lions in our lives with the faith that their mouths will be shut. Let’s keep up Block-tober momentum.