Pax: Pinto, Jiffy, BG, Orville, Sugar Ray, Skinner, Nice N Easy, Boomer, Miyagi, Tahoe, Crosscheck, Primus, Ragnar (QIC)

Moleskine: 41 degrees and the QIC made a HC to a full-on Broga session. Since it was practically freezing, Primus showed up early to run laps (and trip a couple times) with Tahoe, Crosscheck, Miyagi, NNE, and Ragnar. Short mosey up to the cop station to make a bunch of jokes and find that sweet spot between relaxation and pushing the limit.

Here’s what we did:

Seated stretch/Table/Block/Thread the Needle/Plank/Merkins/GATE (with a T)/Twist/High Lunge/Runners Lunge/Warrior 1/Lunge Twist/Mountain/Palm Tree/Easy Tree/King Dancer/Wide Stance, Side Angel Stretch/Traingle Post/Down Dog/Child’s Pose/Sphynx/Cobra/Locust/King Pigeon/Full Pigeon/Staff/Head2Knee/Boat/Buddha Crunch/Twists/Bridge/Corpse/Shoulder Stand/Banana/Superman/Goddess/Corpse

We made killer time, so QIC opened it to the group. Orville aka Mr Hard2Please led the group in 30 burpees in 1 minute. The equivalent of a T-Payne rap after an Enya ballad. A few others in between. BG took us out with Merkins. 

Popcorn Prayers all around, for those in tough times. 

QIC wishes to extend extra thanks for the group. This was a personal accomplishment, leading a big group through a full brogan session for the first time. It was a little uneven—hard for some and easy for others—but a decent first attempt with a big group. Next time, will modify as needed.