Backblast 10/3/19


Twosome on Tuesday and a twosome today. Common denominator = Nice n Easy! YHC had a feeling that today might be a Miyagi’s Dream. It’s my 6th sense. Nice n Easy did admit that he was seriously considering the fartsack this morning, but he soldiered on and joined me for a “last day in the 90s” beatdown. Generally speaking, it was a good beatdown which allowed space for conversation. 


Long run around the entire AO

Some stretching in the parking lot


Burpee Sandwich! This is a Huggy favorite. For the uninformed, uninitiated, or the early onset dementia crowd, the Burpee Sandwich goes like this….

X number of reps on one end of the field (for those who need metaphors explained, this would be one slice of bread). Run across the field, stopping at the midway point to do 5 burpees (the pastrami, if you will, in our sandwich). Run to far end of field and do X number of reps (you get the idea). I did declining reps of Merkins on one end and 10 LBCs at the other. At some point I ditched the Burpees in favor of 4x4s. Don’t know how many total cycles we did, but it was plenty.


Tabletops x15 IC

Heel Touches x30 IC

Shoulder Taps x20 IC


Nice n Easy

Tahoe (QIC)