PAX: Miyagi, Simmons (Dayton), Tahoe, Crosscheck, Vamos, Milli Vanilli, Primus, Ragnar (QIC)

Moleskine: Been a bit since Ragnar's last Q. Kept things repetitive and difficult to exert a physical and mental exercise. 
Lunge Walk to Merlot Hill 
Karaoke to the tree 
High Knees (alt. Chief Hoppers) to the cop station
Bear Crawl up Huggy Hill
At the top:
Orphan Annies / Shoulder Taps
John Travoltas / Plank Jacks
Nolan Ryans 
Mosey to wall / crab walk to green fountain
Wall Worm
Inchworm to Merlot Hill
On yer 6:
Tabletops / 100s
Dying Cockroaches / Buddha Crunch (Looking at you, NNE)
Three big sets in count of 10/15/20. After doing more Fitness Boxing, I've been thinking about upping the hard cardio game, which can be as much of a mental workout as a physical one. By the third round, all the cadence had dropped off (props to Tahoe for calling it out), which is good by my book. Finished off with Door A, B, or C. Crosscheck chose C, so we did a Bear Crawl Battle up Merlot Hill. That was a blast. Someday, my entire Q will be competitive gaming battles. 
Popcorn prayers around the flag for our families, Jiffy's expanding family, world/regional leaders to make better decisions, safe travels, and the whole shebang. Props to Simmons for joining today.