PAX: Lonzo (Toledo), Nice N Easy, Miyagi, Vamos, Ragnar (QIC)

Hot, muggy, and dank. Perfect weather for a terrible workout. 
What we did:
Two Full laps around lower and upper field (2/3 mile)
20 sets of the following:
5x Frisch's Big Boy Sit Ups
10x Plankjacks
15x Freddie Mercuries
Route 66 
Incline Merkin + Decline Merkin at each light (+1 each light)
with 11 stations total, ending in 11 merkins + 11 derkins. Worse than it sounded.
Lonzo took us out with a prayer and a sprinkle of that infamous Toledo F3 Magic.
Miyagi complained about kids these days. Business as usual.