5 pax showed up on Thursday for a Hindenburg blimp. We started with a long run (upper track, police station, and lower track) and then moved onto the blimp. On the first lap on the lower track, we did 4 sets of 10 Buddha crunches. Second lap, 4 sets of 20 LBCs. Third lab, 2 sets of 30 ice, vanillas and 2 sets of 30 imperial walkers. 4th lap, 2 sets of merkins and 2 sets of Moroccan night clubs. 5th lap, 2 sets of 50 plank jacks and 2 sets of 50 Pinterests. 6th lap, 4 sets of 60 squats. If look at the first letter of each exercise, it spells blimp.
We only went 4 minutes over on time and that was with the long run at the beginning. This does not seem like much on paper, but at the 30 minute mark I was questioning why I chose this workout.
PAX: Jiffy, Nice n Easy, Tahoe, Vamos, Miyagi (QIC)