Pax: Tahoe, Nice N Easy, Pinto, Vamos, Sandman, Miyagi, Milli Vanilil, Ragnar (QIC) 


Hot as balls, and just as sweaty in the gloom. Pinto met up with QIC at 0630 for a pre-workout broga session. The rest of the rascals rolled in just in time for a moderate beatdown.

Moseyed to lower field for 4 of Diamonds.

Starting at Home, sprint around the bases doing reps at each base.

Finkle Swings x 4

Imperial Stormkickers x 8

Alabama Ass Kickers x 12

Squats x 16

Beast Mode:

Pax do partner carries on the lower field with 3 sets of reps on soccer field.

6 Nolan Ryans

6 Chainsaw Planks (plank pose, elbow to knee) 

6 Big Boy Situps

Love Hurts

The beloved Pyramid of Pain (Thank you F3Knoxville). Partners do (1x + 2y + 3z) in multiples of 1-5-1. Ask Orville for the equation. Or ask Miyagi to make fun of you.

1 Diamond David Lee Roth Burpee 

2 Sneaky Gorillas 

3 Decline Merkins

Hiit It and Quit It

HIIT Stations, 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. PAX choose station.

Station A

15 Heel Touches

15 Marge Simpsons

15 Buddha Crunch

Station B

15 Up Down Elbow Planks

10 Diamond Merkins

5 Leonard Skynnard Merkins

10 Tricep Dips

Station C

20 John Travoltas

15 Peter Parkers

15 Parker Peters

15 Table Cockroaches

Station D

30 Axl Jacks

15 Tinkerbell Squats

20 Big Boy Sit Ups

20 Plankjacks

It needs to be noted that a random attractive woman showed up with Dunkin Donuts during round 4 or HIITs. PAX were REALLLLY hoping QIC had somehow decided to omaha the entire Q and offer donuts as a reward. Nope.

Last Hurrah:

Duck Jousting

This was way harder than it sounded: PAX hold duck walk, with the goal of knocking down all other Pax. Vamos tried to hide in the corner. Milli was declared champion.

Prayers up for everyone everywhere to make better decisions. Prayers up for Jiffy, Skinner, and Robin.