BACKBLAST: 4/23/19 
PAX: Miyagi, Tahoe, Nice n’ Easy, Vamos, Ragnar, Jiffy (QIC) 
MOLESKINE:  First Q for Jiffy. Warm weather brought out a generous weekday PAX. Unbeknownst to the PAX, I woke up extra early to buy a watch from a BP gas station because not one could be found in my house. Unfortunately it had no light so had to carry the cell phone for time keeping.  Vamos gave us a quick 101 class in Japanese culture and his apparent surprise at the lack of PDA.   
Run around park. SSH x20ct, Abe Vigoda x 20IC, After a rocky start on the cadence, the PAX (thanks Ragnar) helped Jiffy pull it together. Arm circles x25 IC, Merkens x20IC, Imperial walkers x20 IC 
After Mosey around police station,  Jacobs’s ladder on the hill by Tennis court, 9 Burpees at top alternating with LBCs at bottom, with progression to 1 at top and 9 at bottom 
Dora:  cumulative 100 Overhead claps, 125 Lunges (Vamos apparently Q Jacked my planned Squats) with partner running around Tennis court  
10 pullups each while PAX did Moroccan night clubs IC (approx 40). As Q I selfishly started first. 
Limited due to time
E2K  x20IC 
Homer to Marge   thanks to Ragnar 
I forgot to ask for announcements. Was so mentally exhausted from stress of first q almost forgot my name. Tahoe led prayer, particularly for those with physical injuries/illness. 
Definitely planned way more than needed on first Q. Underestimated difficulty of the ladder on hill and glad I modified based on PAX questions. Was difficult to keep cadence and keep track of reps, time, and all the things going on with PAX – probably takes practice. The support and reminders from PAX in the mumble chatter throughout were much appreciated. Felt quite energized after the workout despite my lack of sleep. Time to invest in a watch for workouts.