PAX: Nice N Easy, Orville, Miyagi, Ragnar (QIC)
Moleskine: Wet, overcast, and mucky. QIC was grateful to have 3 other suckers along for the ride.
Gooserun to warmup. Sausage Works at chin up bars.
Continued Gooserun with Card Draw, around lower field to upper field.
Mostly fine until we drew the 100 reps of leg lifts. Worse than it sounded.
Pyramid exercise: 1 Wall Jump, 2 Catalina Wine Mixers, 3 Big Boy Situps. Multiply as you go up to 5 Wall Jumps, 10 Catalina Wine Mixers, and 15 Big Boy Situps. Then back down to 1,2,3.
Orville figured out the algebraic expression of this–something like x(1a + 2b + 3c)=We Hate Ragnar.
Much worse than it sounded. 
QIC learned a new German word—"Schadenfreude": taking pleasure in the pain of others. Apparently, QIC has a reputation. Noted.
10 Minutes of yoga underneath the awning, while the cops lovingly made jokes from their security cams.
Ended with reflections on the Easter season. (BTW, QIC is Agnostic. Blame Boomer turning QIC onto Anthony DiMello).
Easter Saturday is when the disciples of jesus had to face their friend's death and consider his impact.
Coinciding with 2nd day of Easter, QIC encouraged each PAX to reflect on a loved one who had passed, share their story, and an impact they made on lives.
Grateful for this group on Easter Saturday.