PAX: Jiffy, Tahoe, Nice n' Easy (QIC)
MOLESKINE: 50 and clear on this lovely April morning.  As we geared up, YHC wondered out loud if Spring was finally going to take hold or if it's just another tease from Mother Nature.  No matter, it was 5:15am and time to RUCK UP!  (Pax were asked to bring a backpack with 20-30# of weight).
WARMARAMA (sans ruck):
SSH x25 IC
Mountain Climbers x25 IC
Imperial Walkers x25 IC
THE THANG: Ruck up, and YHC grabbed a 50# sandbag coupon as we set out.
RUCK up Merlot Hill
CRAB WALK back down
BEAR CRAWL back up.
Continue on to Huggy Hill, BEAR CRAWL up to the upper track.
10X Walking Lunges
10X Plank pull-throughs
10X Overhead presses
200m fast ruck (around the upper track)
Rinse and repeato for 5X rounds, trading off who gets to carry the 50# coupon on the 200m rucks.
Back down to parking lot for…
Ruck Flutter Kicks X25 IC
Heavy Freddies X25 IC
Heavy Hammers X20 IC
Brief discussion of possible convergence for upcoming 2 year anniversary of F3 Cinci.  YHC took us out with the serenity prayer.
This one felt a little too easy. Either needed more weight, more coupons or more challenging PT.