Backblast 2/26/19


Tahoe Tuesday Threesome. Miyagi was first in the parking lot this morning. WTF! I knew it would be a good beatdown. As I stared out into the gloom, I realized how woefully inadequate my non-illuminated cones would be for our Red Barchetta. Nice n Easy to the rescue! His cones and glow sticks were ready for duty. When you ride dirty in the Scion, you gotta have your glow sticks!


We moseyed up to the upper loop and stopped for 20 Tricep Dips and 20 Incline Merkins. We continued our mosey around the lower loop and circled up in the parking lot. The long mosey allowed for some necessary conversation.

Imperial Walker x20 IC

Under the Bridge x25 IC

Peter Parker x10 IC

Parker Peter x10 IC


Red Barchetta. Goes like this….

Sprint 100 yds > 100 SSH > sprint back

Sprint 75 yds > 75 Mountain Climbers > sprint back

Sprint 50 yds > 50 LBCs > sprint back

Sprint 25 yds > 25 Merkins > sprint back

Sprint 10 yds > 10 Burpees > sprint back

We repeated but cut the reps in half

Del Brown (10 Merkins > Crab Walk > 10 Merkins > Bear Walk > 10 Merkins


Heel Touches x25 IC



Superman / Banana


Some continued processing and info sharing concerning the recent suicide. Nice n Easy took us out.



Nice n Easy

Tahoe (QIC)