5 PAX joined in at Veterans Park in Anderson, the temperature was 25 but it felt comfortable. Cisco was on Q, with Worf, Pony Boy, Silver Pike, & T-Rex

The goal was to shorten up the course to enable more strength work, mission accomplished.

Sun Gods IC
T-Claps IC
Sumo Squats IC
Split Squats – 5 each leg
The Thang:
Headed into the woods on the workout trail to take advantage of the rolling hills.
Station 1: Merkins + Flutter Kicks
Up to 10 merkins each round than on your 6 for 30 flutter kicks – 10 rounds
Station 2: Quick mosey to the bottom of the hill for LBC + Bearcrawl + Sumo Squat black jack style
Start at bottom for 20 LBC
Bearcrawl to top for 1 Sumo Squat
Decrease 1 LBC each round while increasing 1 sumo squat always to total of 21
Station 3: Move to the next hill, longer than first for Burpee Pyramid + Berni Sanders
Start 1 Burbee then Berni Sanders up the hill, jog back down
Work up to 5 burpees then back down to 1 with Bernie Sanders up hill and job down in between each set of burpees
Station 4: moseyed to the pull up bars
4 rounds of each PAX doing 5 sets rotating between pullups & chinups each round
Remaining Pax did SSH, Overhead Claps, and Windmills
Station 5: Moseyed to the basketball court
Suicide Sets 
Sprints – baseline to free throw & back, continue to half court, far free throw line, and far baseline
Sprint to far baseline, monkey crawl back 
Sprint to far free throw line – frog hop back
Sprint to mid-court – rabbit hop back
Jogged on trail back to flag for COT
F2 at Luckmans Coffee