Pax: Ragnar, Nice n Easy, Miyagi (QIC)
It was a foggy and humid morning at Amberley park, but it was not raining. Inspired by Axl‘s county fair work out a few weeks ago, we completed the senior county fair (similar exercises, but slower with fewer reps). No running this morning, just a warmorama that consisted of SSH (20x ic) Abe Vigodas (20x ic) Willie Mays Hays (20x ic) Light stretching
Senior county fair: A circuit of exercises that consisted of pull-ups, rows, merkins, over head press with a 40 to 50 pound sand bag, and tricep dips. Each pax decided how many reps to complete each round with the goal of keeping correct form and slowing down each exercise throughout the workout. We completed four to five circuits before moving onto the wall for some people’s chair (about a 180 count) and NPR BTTW (about 2/3 way down the wall.
Next onto Mary and that consisted of LBC (20x ic) Annies (20x ic) Freddie Mercury (20x ic) Newton’s cradle (20x ic)
No new announcements and Nice n Easy led us out with a prayer. Ragnar’s on Q for Saturday. See you then.