Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

F3 Cincinnati is a free, volunteer-led outdoor workout group that meets several times per week – rain or shine, heat or cold. We welcome men of all sizes, ages, backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs. We meet at Amberley Park (on Ridge Road near the Amberley Municipal Building) and Woodland Mound (in Anderson).

We are part of a larger, nation-wide group that began with a single workout in Charlotte, NC on New Years Day in 2011 and has been growing steadily by leaps, bounds and burpees. For more information or to find workouts in other regions see F3 Nation.

The three Fs in F3 stand for fitness, fellowship, and faith.

It’s probably a familiar story: being fit comes pretty naturally for boys. It takes deliberate effort for men to stay in shape. But it’s worth it–exercise makes you mentally and physically stronger which helps men be more engaged citizens. Gyms can be isolating. Not here – at every workout you will find men to push and support you in your efforts. Our workouts are bootcamp style and open to all men of all ages, body types, backgrounds, faiths, and abilities. Our rule is: “modify as necessary.”

The biggest health risk to men is loneliness. Friendships come easily for boys, but men tend to prioritize their careers and families over maintaining friendships. F3 Cincinnati is intentionally building a community of men, encouraging each other in our daily lives. We push and support each other in our exercise and in our lives. We end every workout with a “CoT” (circle of trust), where one man concludes the workout by speaking from his heart and we have coffee afterward.

F3 started in the South but we’re (mostly) northerners, so for us faith is a “small f” word that simply means connecting with something greater than our own singular lives. For some, that’s God and for others, it’s having a sense of purpose or the support of the fellowship. Our group is filled with believers, atheists, and everything in between. We don’t get hung up on it–we just support each other in our journeys and challenge each other to become better husbands, brothers, businessmen, fathers, cousins, sons, neighbors, and friends.

Good. Come on out for a Saturday morning beatdown. Who knows–we can’t guarantee you’ll love it, but at least you’ll get a decent workout.